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Education in Ghana

The Government of Ghana recognizes the provision of quality education at all levels of the educational strata as very central in its economic recovery programmes and agenda for attaining middle-income status by 2015. Governments, both past and present have also identified as strategic the involvement and recognition of the private sector as the engine of growth and development. Private sector education is one of several initiatives which are well represented and supported in Ghana.

Armed with this realization of hope and recognition of private sector contribution in the development of Ghana, coupled with the consistent political will, St. Benedict School was established in October, 2002 with 18 pupils.


St. Benedict School is established by law under the Ghana Education Service (GES) acts   NRCD 247,252,357 and SMCD 63, as a private educational institution (number BA, 012) and a limited liability business entity ( CA-35,370). The school currently offers services for crèche, kindergarten, primary and junior high school.

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